TENA – The Incontinent Truth


PROJECT: The Incontinent Truth


The objective was to position TENA as the ‘Understanding Specialist”, by raising awareness on Incontinence and providing sufferers and caregivers with useful information to provide better care for those with the condition.


Incontinence is a condition that is rarely discussed and given much less attention.


We created a program designed to reach out and help raise awareness for the condition. The program would be fronted by the Continence Foundation of Malaysia, supported by TENA.

The target audience:

– Health care professionals

– Caregivers

-Patient organizations


To create awareness for the program, we produced an educational online video about incontinence and its impact on those related to it.

The tone & manner of the video was intentionally made to be light, as incontinence is often a subject that is depressing/embarrassing.


The video led people to the program website , which provides useful information about incontinence as well as a portion for Healthcare Professionals, Caregivers & members of the public to pledge their support for the cause.

Fund Raising

Fundraising for the program was done via simplygiving.com , a online charity portal.

Funds were channeled directly to the Continence Foundation of Malaysia (CFM)

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