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We exist to make Malaysian brands ballsy.

We are Lucideas,

a Branding and

Creative agency.

Malaysia has some great brands, but let's face it, there are a lot of companies out there that struggle with their branding. SMEs can get stuck in a rut because they simply don't stand for something strong enough to build a relationship with their customers. We are looking for companies on the verge of exponential growth and in need of a brand that can carry them to the next level of their business.

Ballsy Branding

Branding is your business's essence. We dig deep to unveil what makes you unique, crafting a magnetic brand that captivates. From identity to strategy, we create a standout presence that resonates. Let's forge a brand that's unforgettable.

Marketing &


Marketing is our playground. We unleash strategies that shout your message loud and clear. From captivating campaigns to compelling content, we build a game plan that drives your message straight to the heart of your audience.

Design & Animation

Design is our canvas for storytelling. We breathe life into ideas, creating visuals that speak volumes. From sleek logos to captivating visuals, we blend creativity with purpose, ensuring every design element tells your brand's compelling story. Let's craft visuals that not only catch eyes but also capture hearts.



Lights, camera, action! Video is the heartbeat of modern storytelling, and we're here to bring your brand's narrative to life. From small-scale web videos to polished corporate productions, we handle every aspect of the process, from shooting to editing.

Miwa had a great product that was overshadowing their main company brand and with a range of new products on the horizon they needed a brand that could set them on the right path.

When your competition locally are some of the largest in the industry internationally the focus on who you are and what you do becomes paramount to stand out and stand for something.

When you say "accountant",  the image you conjure up can be rather dull.  CKP wanted the complete opposite of that and we were more than happy to oblige

Apart from branding, merchandise is something else love to create, so creating our own line of products was a natural step.

Retail Brands we own

Our Clients

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